Types of Friends to Avoid

toxic friend

Types of Friends to Avoid – There are many opportunities that can be done to distance yourself from people who have a negative impact on your life. Coworkers, friends, and even family members can be the type of ‘toxic’ person who interferes with carrying out daily activities because it has a negative impact. Among them are often giving injections of negative thoughts, manipulatives, and or very bad calculations.

1. Who has Debbie Downer

Debbie Downer is a character on Saturday Night Live who ruins social gatherings by bringing up negative topics. Maybe some people around us have traits like the character Debbie Downer. People with these traits are those who are not willing if you feel happiness. For example, when planning a vacation, this person with the character of Debbie will ask “are you sure you want to go? This is a very busy time of year.”

They have a way of sucking the joy out of good news and turning positive news into negatives. Therapist Sheri Meyers says “they will find reasons why your good news isn’t great.” Never let the stupidity and false worries of a character like Debbie Downers diminish the happiness we have. Toxic people don’t care, support or be interested in what’s important or best for us.

2. Likes to blame others

Such people try to attack, undermine, or question a person’s perception of something and make him doubt himself. People like this are very damaging to relationships. Therapist Amanda Stemen says people like this will immediately lie and deny others regardless of the evidence, this action is intentional to confuse the person, which ultimately makes ourselves into a problem and makes others fight against us. Avoid people with this trait until they can take responsibility for their behavior.

3. Taking advantage of other people

People like this demand time, energy and what is within us. They can be a person that other people like and use their charms to get what they want. Being with someone like this will make us feel great. But if they don’t feel comfortable with us they can make us feel rejected and become someone who is very worthless.

4. Dysfunctional

People who often take advantage of others, do not respect others, including people who should be avoided. Don’t lend money if you feel it won’t be returned, and feel guilty if you don’t help them. Psychologist Tessina advises staying away from dysfunctional people until she commits to their recovery. We can help them find a therapist or support group.

5. Losing a friend

Many hope that friendship lasts forever. But in reality many fail to establish friendly relations, and that is not a problem. Don’t be afraid to lose a friend. Many friendship relationships only last for a short time.

A therapist Kurt Smith says many mistakes are made to make friendships last. Friendly relations must be reciprocal. If you have friends who are a burden, who want to be heard more than listen to us, are only interested in talking about themselves, and are too selfish then you need to reconsider your relationship with such a person.

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6. The calculation

There are types of people who always record their scores or grades. People who often find faults, and use them against us in the future.

7. The one who often criticizes

Nobody is perfect, everyone needs someone else to give an honest critique of us. But a person who always criticizes is not a true friend. People who always criticize will take the opportunity to point out the shortcomings that we have. Overly critical people often have low self-esteem and may project their insecurities onto others around them.

8. Bad background

A toxic romantic relationship is very difficult to end especially if you don’t dare to refuse and don’t dare to say no. Breaking ties with people like this is the best decision. Relationships with people who lie a lot, have serious financial problems, abuse alcohol, violence, and have multiple criminal records should end. Even though most people promise to change. Change is not easy and will take a lot of time. It’s best to avoid contact with such people before we get involved.