How to Return Kindness to Yourself

How to Return Kindness to Yourself

How to Return Kindness to Yourself – Mistakes often occur within ourselves and can even hurt ourselves and mentally. Without us realizing it, there are many things that can make us sick and even become very uncontrollable. The voice that says you failed, you made mistakes, you can’t do challenging things so don’t even try. According to Nataly Kogan, CEO and founder of Happier, we are often uncompassionate and self-defeating.

“Start by learning to hear that voice in your head, how you talk to yourself.” “Then stop and reframe as if you were talking to a friend,” says Kogan who creates an online course to teach self-compassion.

1. Give yourself space to feel all emotions

Feelings of sadness, disappointment, or anger cannot be denied anymore when we are in difficult times of life. Often, we still ignore these emotions because they think something bad. It’s normal to be sad when things aren’t going well.

Giving yourself space to feel all the emotions that arise is one way you treat yourself well in difficult times. As a result, you will feel more relaxed and calm.

2. Don’t blame but try to strengthen

Blaming is not the right solution when you are stuck in a bad situation. When you are afflicted with sadness, you should strengthen yourself. Because, you will be worse off when you also judge like other people.

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3. Give something that is needed by yourself

Compassion for yourself in difficult conditions can be conveyed by giving something that you really need. You need the spirit to be stronger, you need to eat so you don’t get sick, you need rest so you don’t get tired, and you need to do other things.

Give it all to yourself. Don’t let yourself torture yourself by not giving the basic things you really need when you’re sad. Remember, the harsh reality of life does not mean making your sadness an excuse to stay silent to mourn it.

4. Take a moment to reflect

Giving yourself a chance to be away from other people for a while when you are experiencing sadness is not a bad thing. Instead, it becomes one proof that you understand the meaning of loving yourself in all conditions.

Because, reflecting can help you to introspect, clear your mind, to make yourself aware of something that was never understood before.