How to Appreciate Others Correctly

How to Appreciate Others Correctly

How to Appreciate Others Correctly – There are many ways to be able to appreciate other people in many ways, one of the ways that can be used is to pay attention to them when they are talking. Not only that, there are other ways to be able to appreciate it

1. Prioritize respect

Respect must be the main provision when interacting socially with other people. Their views vary, the difference is definitely there. Everyone has different thoughts, feelings, plans, dreams, and perspectives. It’s just that, prioritizing respect and placing other people the same as yourself. Treat others as we would like to be heard.

2. Be a good listener

The way to respect other people when interacting directly can be by trying to be a good listener. Allow sufficient time for the other person to finish their story. Also, take a moment to pause before responding to allow the other person to express themselves. There’s no need to be too reactive when talking to other people, especially when the topic is a difference of opinion. This is the same as pouring gasoline on a fire, aka clouding the atmosphere

3. Be sensitive to verbal signals

Sometimes people can feel insensitive if they make other people uncomfortable. For that, one way to respect others is to be sensitive to their words. If there are indications that you feel uncomfortable or don’t want to be spoken to, leave first to give them space. Sometimes, these verbal signals are conveyed not overtly but simply by changing the subject in a more neutral direction. When this happens, be sensitive and obey the wishes of the other person.

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4. Pay attention to body language

Sometimes, body language can speak louder than just words. For example, if the other person keeps retreating when talking to us, maybe our position is too dominant or has entered their personal space. Continue to emphasize respect and don’t ignore other people’s body language.

5. No oversharing in the digital world

In the digital world, anything can be shared in seconds to followers on social media platforms. For example, uploading photos or opinions to Instagram or WhatsApp statuses. It’s true that your social media is your authority, but it’s a good idea to consider whether oversharing will offend others or not.

6. Hold off unnecessary comments

Sometimes people can be offended just by passing comments from other people. If you want to know how to respect others, it’s a good idea to hold back on unnecessary comments unless asked. For example comments when you see how other people take care of their babies to comments about the status of other people who are not married or have children. After all, unnecessary comments will only offend others. There is no benefit from the comments. As long as you can’t be asked and can comment according to your capacity, you should remain silent.