5 Things You Must be Able to Stop Pursuing Perfection

5 Things You Must be Able to Stop Pursuing Perfection

5 Things You Must be Able to Stop Pursuing Perfection – It is a natural thing if we as humans want to have perfection in life, whether in matters of education, career, love, and so on. Even since we were in school, we have been taught to pursue excellence, for example by getting good grades or getting high rankings in class. Having the ambition to pursue perfection is actually good because we will have the passion to continue to improve.

However, always pursuing perfection in all things is also not good. It is not perfection itself that is bad, but our desires and attitudes that demand to always be perfect. Always pursuing perfection will be very tiring and make us feel small, so that it actually hinders our progress.

Someone who always pursues perfection also often becomes less productive. This is because it is difficult for the person to complete a job until the result of the job is considered perfect. His details and focus on the little things in a job make him avoid producing works and also make him reluctant to switch to other jobs. This is what prevents him from producing anything.

Here are seven things we can do to stop pursuing perfection.

1. Find out why we pursue perfection

The first thing that needs to be done is to find out what causes or triggers us to seek perfection. There are so many reasons why someone strives for perfection, whether because they really want to do their best, want to be praised by others, fear being labeled bad by others, fear of losing competitiveness with others, or for various other reasons.

We can do self-reflection or ‘self-talk’ to find out the cause. After finding the cause and it turns out that our intention to pursue perfection is not good, for example because we want to be praised by others, try to fix that intention.

2. Change the mindset

If we think that pursuing perfection is the only way to succeed, then it’s good to change that mindset. When someone always has the ambition to pursue perfection, he tends to want to be perfect in everything, including the little details that really don’t really matter. Often because of dealing with small things, someone just forgets to reach the original bigger target or goal.

Due to pursuing perfection too much, one will also be shrouded in fear of failure. This actually causes the person to avoid responsibility because he is afraid that he will not be perfect in carrying out these responsibilities. Therefore, cultivate a mindset that pursuing perfection is not always good.

In addition, cultivate a mindset that perfection is not something that we must always pursue. There are times when we have to strive for perfection, but that doesn’t mean we are obliged to pursue that perfection in every activity we do. After all, perfection is actually an undefined thing in this world. Everyone has a different definition of the perfect word, right?

3. Know yourself more closely

Another thing that needs to be done to stop pursuing perfection is to know yourself. Are we sure we know ourselves well? We need to know what potential or strengths and weaknesses we have.

Based on the strengths and weaknesses, we can map the extent of our ability to pursue perfection. We can also adjust our potential with the targets we will achieve. For example, we feel ‘lacking’ in physics so we don’t need to set a target score of 100 for the physics exam. We can really set a target value below it as long as it is still good and can pass.

Knowing ourselves means we are trying to be self-righteous. Do we deserve that perfection? If we feel that we haven’t, we can set realistic targets according to our own abilities and don’t have to set the perfect target.

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4. Stop comparing yourself to others

The next thing we need to do is not to compare ourselves with others anymore. In fact, there are not a few people who strive for perfection just because they are afraid of losing to other people. If our intention is like that, we certainly will never feel grateful and will continue to pursue perfection until we reach a ‘level of success’ that is higher or at least the same as that person.

The thing to remember, life is not a race. Everyone has their own uniqueness. Besides that, everyone has their own time, so we don’t have to worry if other people have achieved what we think is perfect. We may make other people’s successes as motivation, but don’t let us go for the same perfection. Sometimes we need to take a step back, calm down with positive thinking, and return to reality to struggle on a reasonable level.

5. Make daily plans and time limits for each activity

Not infrequently, a pursuit of perfection will forget the time. He will continue to be engrossed in doing a job as perfectly as possible until he doesn’t even realize that there is so much time he has spent. As a result, other jobs that should have been done were left untouched.

Therefore, it is very important to make a daily plan that also includes a time limit. For example, in this day there are three jobs to be completed. Job A must be completed within three hours, job B must be completed within three hours, and job C must be completed in a maximum of two hours. After we set the schedule, try to be disciplined in following it.

That way, we will also stop with a job when the time is up. It doesn’t have to be perfect, the important thing is that we can finish the job well. Even so, in setting a time limit for each job, set it realistically according to the workload.